True Tales: Undivided // Our Demands

In the run up to True Tales: Undivided, Manchester Evening News came to chat to some of the U30s we’ve been working with at the Royal Exchange over the last couple of weeks.

Click here to watch the video

true-tales-posterTrue Tales: Undivided is a Brexit-fuelled lock-in featuring true stories, live music and honest discussion from Manchester’s under 30s, taking place at Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester. From the light-hearted and anecdotal to the raging and epic, this evening is where passion meets politics and a story shared becomes a call to arms.

Undivided is a national campaign that wants to give young people a voice in the Brexit negotiations. It does not seek to reverse the referendum result, but instead to move forwards by setting out where we go from here as a country. Through an online campaign and live events all over the country, Undivided will gather the top ten demands as stated by under 30’s and present these demands to Parliament.

This evening of performance and debate is our chance to set out our demands for the Brexit negotiations. Leavers, Remainers, and everyone in between are invited to help build a new vision for Britain. Have your say in a welcoming space where there are no wrong answers or aggressive retaliations.

This is Manchester’s moment to be heard. Let’s create a better Brexit for our generation.

To submit your own demands, visit

Read the full MEN article here, and don’t forget to reserve your tickets via Eventbrite – they’re going fast!


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