True Tales: Undivided // Meet the Gang

With every True Tales we deliver, we work with a new and unique combination of storytellers, sometimes responding to a specific theme, and others simply responding to ‘life’, in the most human way possible. For True Tales: Undivided, we’ve managed to find some of the most insightful, inspiring and politically/morally minded under-30s that Manchester has to offer…and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.

M E E T  T H E  S T O R Y T E L L E R S


N A M E                Louisa Roberts

A G E                     27 (+1)

D E M A N D       Decisions regarding the NHS and Education to be made by an independent organisation as opposed to the political party in power.

Louisa is a teacher/actor/facilitator/tea drinker from North London. This year she has been taking her first tentative steps into the world of performance poetry which she is finding inspiring and terrifying in equal measures. Her general failings have on a number of occasions been compared to Fleabag….a parallel she tried to fight against until she watched an episode for the first time whilst sitting in A and E…having got earplugs stuck….in both her ears.


N A M E                Jake Mainwaring

A G E                     17

D E M A N D       Reduction of the legal voting age to 16.

Jake is a student at Xaverian college and a performer with the Royal Exchange Theatre’s Young Company. He writes poetry and spoken word (mostly political) and once got lost on the moors on his way to the dentist.

Justina 2.jpg

N A M E                Justina Aina

A G E                     23

D E M A N D       The dedication of funds towards research and implementation of renewable energy sources.

Justina Aina is a Londoner adopted by Manchester with open arms! She can usually be found residing within the Royal Exchange or Contact Theatre as both a Performer and Stage Manager. Upcoming projects include OUTREACH OPERA at the Bolton Octogon’s Reveal Festival, as well as the return of NOTHING to the Royal Exchange Studio. When not running around like a headless chicken, she can be found at the cinema, enjoying the perks of a limitless pass!

Stephanie Riches Headshot.JPG

N A M E               Stephanie Riches

A G E                     29

D E M A N D       Protection of funding for the most deprived areas of our community and a fairer society with equal opportunities and access to free healthcare and education.

Stephanie is a Manchester-based actress who has contributed to many projects both on screen and stage. She is interested in projects which tell stories about real people and their experiences, stories and people that audiences can connect with on a personal level, and most of the work which she does reflects this. Stephanie loves a good statistic and in her spare time can be found looking at pie charts and eating pancakes.


N A M E                Zoë Murtagh

A G E                     23

D E M A N D       Protect the choice to study Arts & Humanities in all schools.

Zoë is a performance maker and spoken word artist based in the North. Her work is vibrant, interactive and messy. Inspired by music that makes you tingle, science lessons, modern history and Kate Bush’s dancing, she creates work that is fun, insightful and may even put a little bit of fire in your belly. She often finds herself being told off by people over the age of 60 (usually for swearing).

M E E T  T H E  M U S I C I A N


N A M E                Letitia Gray

A G E                     22

D E M A N D       Better education around life-long skills and career prospects for the next generation.

Letitia is a Manchester-based musician specialising in singing, song-writing and vocal coaching. Originally from Preston, she took to Manchester to study and develop her career. Outside of work life she is a single mother and dedicates her time to projects close to her heart, motivating young people and encouraging self-development by using her music as a platform to connect and raise awareness within communities.

M E E T  T H E  P R O D U C E R S

Collision Theory Theatre Collective

Ali Mountains.jpg

 N A M E                Ali Ford

A G E                     26

D E M A N D       The introduction of unbiased political and cultural education into the school curriculum.

Ali is a creative maker and doer based in the North of England (usually found somewhere between Leeds & Manchester). In addition to her work at Square Chapel (Halifax), Ali curates regular True Tales events in different communities across the UK with her theatre collective, Collision Theory; continually inspired by the true stories of real people. Her favourite meal is, unashamedly, spaghetti hoops on toast and she’s a sucker for a good board game.

Girl Gang Manchester


N A M E                Kirsty Morrissey

A G E                     24

D E M A N D       UK to maintain the same commitment to human rights and environmental regulation as the EU.

Kirsty is a producer of theatre, live events and digital shenanigans in Manchester. A London native but Manchester convert she shows her love for the city by posting aggressively sunny photos on Instagram. Kirsty is producer for Girl Gang Manchester, bringing girl power to Manchester through immersive cinema events, club nights and exhibitions. A fan of organised fun, she’s most likely to be found buried underneath colour-coded spreadsheets and abandoned craft projects.

True Tales: Undivided is supported by the national Undivided campaign and will take place at Nexus Art Cafe on Friday 27 January at 8pm.

Last few tickets remaining


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