Rehearsal #3

Collision Theory is a collective of theatre-makers made up of directors, producers, actors, dancers and practitioners. Through combining a multitude of creative disciplines, we create contemporary performance intended to tell stories, challenge pre-existing ideas and provoke reaction. We are curious, impulsive and reactive.

Alison Ford: Producer, Practitioner

Amy Raine Jackson: Actor, Dancer, Practitioner

Emma Lawson: Director, Dramaturg, Practitioner

Felicity Elder : Actor, Practitioner

Louise Roberts: Actor, Musician, Practitioner

All five members of Collision Theory graduated in Theatre and Performance from the University of Leeds (School of Performance and Cultural Industries) in 2011. The group went on to perform together at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011 with Ravenrock Theatre Company, while Alison and Emma also produced and directed the show ‘If Walls Could Talk‘, under the name Tip of the Tongue Theatre Company, after being awarded a grant from the Leeds for Life Foundation. After a couple of years spent pursuing further training, qualifications and work experience, the group have now reunited to begin making new work.

Keep up to date with us via this blog, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, or drop us an email.


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